• James Cappola

You have to have a goal

I will be the first one to admit.. You have to be a little naive to believe you can be anything you put your mind to.. I am abitious but I will never play in the NBA.. Not gona happen.

When I was young, I wanted to be an actor.. My father owned a video store and my sister was going to school for performing arts, so my enviorment lead me to believe that was my path as well. I went to an acting camp and I started looking more into it when I realized that something wasn't really clicking. I lost intrest because I was taking it day by day and I didn't set any goals. The truth is, I didnt love it enough TO set any goals.

When I commited to losing weight, I made my first goal to be under 210. I still remember till this day my overwhelming joy when I stood on the scale and saw 209.. It was working! I then could take a look back and see the steps I took to achieve the weight loss and now I can expand on those steps. This journey brought me to the man I am today.

The truth is, you have to have something to work towards. There has to be valid data so you can see if you are failing or succeeding. I would rather know that I am failing then having no idea at all. This shows that I am conciously aware of my efforts and I can rewind and try again. It doesn't matter if you have a performance based goal, aesthetic goal, or even just trying to lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health.. There has to be check ins and you have to face the music.

The following is a checklist to make sure you are on your way to acomplishing your goal.

1. Have a clear defined goal to start

2. Set up a time line

3. Pay close attention to your family/freinds

4. Be aware of your enviorment

5. Seek help

6. Step out of your comfort zone

7. Follow your gut

Being in an enviorment that brings the best out of you will always accelerate your results. Your freinds and family who support you will be there at your time of need. Taking risks and stepping into the unknown is the only way to grow. Most of all.. Your instincts are key. My gut told me that acting wasn't for me and I went in a diffrent direction,. If there is a program you truly dont like or if a certain method isn't sticking.. Just go with your gut and try something else! The options are limitless and you will always know your score if you keep track throughout the process.



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