• James Cappola

Why you shouldn't broadcast your fitness goals in the beginning

Motivation can come in many different forms.. Some people may want to lose weight or gain muscle for a big trip or event coming up.. Some people feel they have to get into shape based on their doctors orders.. Some people do it just to keep up appearances and make themselves feel better.

When you start a weight loss/mass building journey there are a lot of emotions going on. You're vulnerable because you feel like you are failing at something.. You're jealous of others based on social media posts're angry at yourself for letting this go unattended for as long as it did, and you're scared of the unknown. All these emotions for the most part are extremely unpleasant. Who wants to feel vulnerable, jealous, angry and scared? This is what makes a transformation not so black and white.. You have to fight and embrace all these emotions and combat them every day against all odds.

Let's use a case study and show how sharing your "results" too quickly could be harmful..

Kelly is a 27 year old woman living in NYC. She has a great job and an apartment on Park Ave.. She is single and about 35 lbs over weight.. Kelly started gaining weight after college at a gradual speed and it fluctuated a bit over the past few years. It is extremely hard now due to her job and busy lifestyle. Kelly hangs out with other friends who may have different circumstances, and they fall under a higher fitness level. When her and her friends go to the beach, she usually hides behind the crowd when taking a picture.. (this is clue number 1)

As far as exercising goes, Kelly always posts when she is at the gym, or soul cycle or any other fitness class. She will take the time and effort to take a great picture with good lighting after a workout and post it right away.(this is clue number 2) She then can go home and check "went to the gym" off her list. Kelly then goes home and feels that she earned whatever she wants to eat based on the picture she just posted.(clue number 3) This pattern continues until she can't take what she perceives is a good picture anymore and then all hope really feels lost.

So what happened here?

Kelly tried to remove all the jealousy, fear, vulnerability and anger by using social media to fast forward her results. It became less about being intrinsically motivated and more about pulling the wool over someones eyes. This requires motivation and consistency behind closed doors. No closet eating, and working way past the limit of your comfort zone. This makes the whole transformation so much more painful if you don't do it for you.. By posting all the gym visits, soul cycle classes and healthy foods, you have it set in your mind that people are expecting results. This is where the extra and unnecessary guilt comes from.. The truth? I guarantee that everyone who you think is ridiculing or judging you, is just as worried about themselves and it is a vicious cycle.

So here is my recommendation..

If you want to make a change.. If you are serious about your transformation.. Change the behavior when no one is looking. Walking around the city all day, healthy snacking, portion control, cutting down the drinking, knowing when to say no and following a legit exercise program. Don't buy bigger clothes, don't filter your pictures, don't hide in the back. and most importantly, don't fabricate to others to make yourself feel better. You cannot change anything based on other people's perception of you. You will never be satisfied. When that day comes that there is a picture at the beach and you can stand their proudly.. THAT is when you can post all your progress photos. You now truly believe in yourself and your not using a photo shopped image to help you sleep at night.

I am not saying any of this to be cruel, or saying that there should be an ideal body image.. I am saying that I've seen so many people throughout the years that live a double life.. Male and female clients post all day about fitness but are truly unhappy because they aren't living up to the standard that they are broadcasting. Do it for you and post when you know that this is no longer an act.



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