• James Cappola

Why Fat loss may feel impossible..Even if you are doing everything right

This is a tough pill for a lot of people to swallow. They finally have the courage to go and dominate their goals.. Week one goes by, little spike in energy and feeling a bit stronger.. But no fat loss.. Week 4 goes by, really starting to build a routine...But no fat loss..

I mean what is more discouraging than that? It's like working week in and week out with no pay check. Finally the time comes when you buckle down and invest in personal training. You are put on a 100 percent full proof plan and you are feeling great! 2 months down the road.. and you are even heavier then when you started.

As a fitness professional I hold myself to a very high standard.. Being that my weight wasn't the highest priority, I was happy with my results for a while.. That was until the weight really started coming on. I woke up anxious every morning to show up to work with a belly because I'm supposed to provide an example for my clients. I enjoy myself every once in a while but no where NEAR what my body was doing.. I gained over 29lbs in a matter of 4-5 months. I was doing everything I could.. whole 30, intermittent fasting, low carb, fasted cardio, HITT training and the weight was still piling on.

However, there are some predisposing behaviors that will further inhibit proper fat loss. Excess in calories, sedentary lifestyle etc. This is mainly geared towards those who are doing everything right.. and getting nothing in return.

What the hell is going on??

To put it simply, if you want to loose weight.... you mean you want to lose fat. If you want the fat cells completely taken out.. then go get liposuction.. If you want to drastically shrink your fat cells.. Then you need to increase the amount of fat coming out of the cell. That is done through the law of thermogenesis. If calories in are less than calories out, you should lose weight.. Key word.. SHOULD.. That is not always the case.. Here are some top reasons why your body fat is being stubborn as all hell.

The purpose of certain fad diets, proper nutrition or fasting is to manipulate your hormones. 3 hormones that take a huge place in fat loss are as follows.

1. Insulin- Probably the most important. Not eating or fasting greatly decreases your insulin.. This can also occur when trying the "keto" diet. A low carb diet along with a active lifestyle will have a great effect.

2. Cortisol- Very hard to get rid of fat when you have a high amount of cortisol. Its a very anabolic hormone to fat, and catabolic hormone to muscle. Which is the exact OPPOSITE of what we need for fat loss.

3.Testosterone- Higher amounts of testosterone will have a reverse effect. Catabolic to fat, anabolic to muscle.

There a few things to consider when you realize you are hitting a wall.

1. Be honest with yourself- You say you eat perfect and and exercise but your not counting the closet eating or brunch every weekend. I'm talking 4-6 weeks of consistent exercise and proper nutrition.

2. Get consulted by a doctor- Find a dietitian or a weight loss specialist to get some work down and get some concrete evidence that your hormones are in fact all over the place.

3. Take notice of your negative habits- Higher stress=Higher cortisol..Less/poor quality sleep=Higher cortisol...Higher amounts of sugar/starchy carbohydrates=Higher insulin levels.

4. Be willing to sacrifice for a while- You have some serious hormone manipulation that needs to take place.. That means saying no to happy hour, going on an extreme deficit, taking supplements approved by your doctor, and making some serious lifestyle changes. Don;t think within the moment, think about the bigger picture.



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