• James Cappola

Why am I not putting on any muscle!?

Billy is tired of being the scrawny guy who everyone chooses to sit next to on the commute to work. He feels as if he doesn't fill out his suit and hes ready for a change. So Billy asks his body building bud to join him during some of his workouts.. 4 weeks go by and he is very concerned to see that there is 0 change. He then stumbles across my blog and then reads "the top few reasons why you are receiving negative gains"

1. You are not doing compound movements-This is the biggest issue.. You can do curls and flys till your blue in the face but you're pretty much wasting your time. It's not about the burn and its not about the 1,000 reps you may do.. A compound movement is a MULTI-JOINT movement(squat, deadlift, military press, bench press, barbell bent over row) as opposed to a SINGLE-JOINT movement(Curls, tricep extensions, calve raises, flys), When preforming a compound movement, the body has a systemic response and incorporates the entire body. This then influences a hormonal response that is responding to that stress. If you keep loading progressively and safely, the body has no choice but to adapt and change.

2. You may have the form completely wrong- Do me a favor.. drop down give me 10 push ups.. where did you feel it? Stand up give me 10 body weight squats.. Where did you feel it? If you can.. Please touch your toes with a straight back.. Where did you feel that? Stand tall and reach your arms directly over head.. Where did you feel that and did you feel any pain? These are examples of very simple assessments that show me that you are ready to handle loaded compound movements. If you can't go all the way down for a push up or start to crash after 2-3.. Then you should see what mechanics need improvement to complete the movement.. If you can't touch your toes with a straight back, then you shouldn't be deadlifting from the floor.If you can't reach over your head without obstruction or pain, then you should NOT be lifting weight over your head. It's that simple. The goal here is safety and efficiency all day every day. You can't just put blinders on and #grind or #pushit.

3.Your diet does not correspond with your program- Let's say you do have the form right and you are putting in the work. Heavy lifts, great form, consistent work ethic etc. You then finish your workout and get to work and you maybe have a yogurt and don't eat again for another 3 hours. YOU...ARE...KILLING..YOUR..GAINS! It's very simple.. If you are trying to LOSE weight then your body needs more calories coming out then coming in.. If you are trying to GAIN weight then your body needs more calories coming in then leaving! In this case, if you wait too long to eat after a strenuous workout.. Your body will most likely go through what is called a catabolic state- A condition that occurs when there is excessive training with a lack of adequate nutrition(mainly protein and carbs). Not only can this slow the recovery process, but this can result in severe fatigue and joint pain. It is the breakdown of muscle tissue and we are responsible for repairing it.

4. You may be impatient- This is a reality for all of us. We want results yesterday. Instant gratification is everything and the reality of our results coming in a matter of months is unacceptable. You gotta put on your big boy/girl pants and get over that. It's true.. Building a progressive resistance training program takes time and effort. More than you can imagine. It may be faster for others as well. OH WELL! Learn the correct form, include those compound lifts, rest and recover and repeat. As long as your nutrition stays on point, and your increasing your resistance and intensity.. YOUR.. BODY.. WILL. CHANGE! Don't quit!

Putting on muscle could be just as stressful as losing body fat. If you need any more tips or if you want to discuss why you have been struggling in this department.. Shoot me an email and I'll get back to you by the end of the day. Thank you!



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