• James Cappola

Top 5"Healthy" snacks to watch out for during weight loss

If you make the conscious choice to dial it back and make a change then I give you all the credit in the world. However, sometimes we make substitutions but don't truly change our habits. Binge eating is binge eating no matter how you slice it. You also have to be very careful when it comes to "healthy snacks". Advertisements for these products will promote health, weight loss, nutritional benefits etc. People just starting a new program will take that official healthy stamp and run with it. Here is an example of different snacks that can actually hinder your weight loss.

1.Nuts/nut butters- Talk about packing a lot in a small amount. Nuts and seeds are always recommended as a healthy snack during the day. Plenty of protein, healthy fats and they taste great. The only problem? Nobody ever has a serving size! How many people have apples/banana with peanut butter and realistically only has 2 small tablespoons? Or who buys a big bag of nuts and only has one handful? Before you know it, it's very possible that you could ingest over 30 grams of fat in one sitting. My advice? Take on handful of almonds, cashews, or walnuts and drink a big glass of water. Give your body some time to realize you are full.

2. Granola- This is an example of a "add-on" that doesn't pack too much nutritional value. If anything, all you are doing is just adding extra sugar. A lot of granola brands are heavily processed as well with hydrogenated oils and can really slow down the fat burning process. My advice? Get 100 percent natural granola and add one serving to your yogurt and/or oatmeal

3. Fruit smoothies- This has so many more calories than you may think. You wake up, get to the blender, throw in some berries, a banana, some pineapple and mix it all up.. Congratulations- you have a sugar bomb! This is such a common mistake and it is abused all the time because people think only good can come from fruit. My advice? Have a green shake( kale, cucumber, celery, spinach) and throw in 1 green apple. This has MORE nutritional value and it is significantly less sugar.

4. Vitamin water/Gatorade- I hate to break it to ya.. But there is barely any vitamins in a bottle of vitamin water AND Gatorade is just a bottle of flavored sugar. You can talk to me until you're blue in the face about electrolytes but I will come back with just as many substitutions. My advice? If you truly feel like you need electrolytes or the extra calories after a workout, get a bottle of 100% natural coconut water.

5. Protein bars- Please stop falling for the nutrition posted on the front of the wrapper. If there is 0 fat there is a ton of sugar, if there is 0 sugar then there is a great deal of fat. If it has neither and is just straight protein then it probably tastes awful and is filled with additives/carcinogens. My advice- Have a plant based( third party tested) protein supplement powder to mix in with your oatmeal, yogurt, or shake during the day. It may not be as convenient but it will give you that protein you need without all the excess calories.



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