• James Cappola

The similarity between being out of shape and being in debt

This has always been one of my favorite analogies when it comes to describing how someone can slowly become out of shape. Hopefully after reading this it will make more sense to you as well.

Paying with cash= Logging your food or knowing the amount of calories you are taking in

Let's face it.. Paying in plastic is just so much easier. Most of the time you can walk out of the restaurant and not even remember how much the bill was! You can put your credit card in a gas pump and not even bat an eye. On the other hand, if you see that Benjamin leave your pocket, its going to hurt. The reality sets in and out of site out of mind isn't really the case any more.

When it comes to food, our brains do the same thing.. If you order seamless and get a chicken parm hero, it's not going to come wrapped in a nutrition label. All those feelings of instant gratification and rationalization are occurring when it comes to ordering food in or out of your home. I guarantee you that people stopped getting the bucket size popcorn once they started to display the calorie amount.

Not spending more than you make= Over consumption of calories

When it comes to a budget, you have to have a lot of discipline and will power. Not borrowing from your savings and not adding on to your debt. If you have a daily budget and you realize that you're way over by 2pm.. It's time to sit and go over your finances.

When it comes to nutrition, you just have to remember the simple law of thermodynamics. Calories in< Calories out= weight loss. Calories in>calories out= weight gain. If you're waking up and having 4 eggs with bacon, toast with butter, coffee sugar and cream.. your already halfway into your budget. Now your going to be pinching pennies or in this case, eating like a rabbit for the rest of the day. Map out what you are going to eat and when your body can take on more calories ( IE before and after your workout).

Proper planning and consistency will give you leeway to splurge

If you pay all your bills on time, have healthy debt, have a solid savings and you have proven to have control over your finances. You then get the guilt free option of enjoying a night out, getting that pair of shoes you want, booking a well deserved vacation etc.

If you are mindful of what you are eating, exercise on a weekly basis, manage your health and see consistent improvement.. Then you can enjoy a dessert, a cocktail or two, that slice of pizza you were dying to have, or even take a well deserved rest for a few days.

In the end

If you set a goal and come to the conclusion that you are moving in the opposite direction...Sit down, take a look at what you have been doing and try something new. Ask a professional to see what you can do to take a step in the right direction.Don't live in denial until its too late.



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