• James Cappola

The reality of feeling like your fitness goals are impossible

There is a point where your goals may seem extremely distant. The circumstances in your life are making things a lot more difficult and you are feeling trapped. This is what I see in a number of my clients and even in myself.

With my title, I have this idea that I have to be a shredded specimen whenever I tell people what I do. It's a ton of pressure that I put on myself and it weighs me down every where I go. It's a hard pill to swallow that I can't see my results like I used to.

The problem with this mindset is we focus so hard on what we don't have. We take all the good aspects of our life for granted. We are active, healthy, have family and friends who love us, significant others who we adore and under all that vulnerability.. there is a great strong version of ourselves that needs to come out more.

Keep learning, keep moving, keep doing everything in your power to get a little better each day, Know that it truly is a marathon and not a sprint. As long as you have the aspects that I listed above.. Then your superficial goals should not consume you or dictate your overall mood. Approach it knowing you're doing everything you can and that's all you can do. Each day is a gift and I want you to treat it that way.. Don't resent what you don't have.. Be thankful for what you do have.



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