• James Cappola

Stop bringing your "angry baggage" to the gym

It's been one hell of a day. You woke up a bit late, ran out of coffee, couldn't find your keys,train is taking forever, and your boss is being more of a pain in the ass than usual.

We have all been there..

5:00pm comes and it's time to leave and get your workout on. You are coming in hot, no warm up, no decompressing, just angry running or lifting. While you may think this is what you need, in reality your further exacerbating the tension and negativity behind this crappy day.

Not only is this behavior and mindset self destructive, but it will have adverse affects to your body and overall health. With the accelerated heart rate and BP, your body is already in a exerted state and you are now officially overworking yourself.

So here are a few tricks in order for you to get the most out of your workout

Leave your trash at the door- You get out of work, stomping all around, breathing heavy etc. Once you get to those gym doors, take ALL OF YOUR CRAP and negativty and leave it outside those doors. You can pick them up on your way out but this hour is for you and that gym is your temple. Don't bring that sh*t in here.

Can't cry over spilled milk- Think about how ridiculous you sound.. When it's 5pm, someone asks you whats wrong and they say. "WELL I overslept and then the train took forever and..." Right there you have to realize you are complaining about something that is now 8-9 hours ago! Your telling me that there arent enough great things in your life, or things to look forward to that your going to harp on that all day? You overslept, you messed up at work, your had a unhealthy lunch,, WHATEVER! It's in the past and we can't control it. What we can do is take care of the current task at hand. Workout and get our mind and bodies right.. Who says your day is dictated by the morning.. Start the new day over with a great workout! You are already out of work, no need to feel rushed, and your going home to relax!

Stop setting yourself up for disappointment- You know that crappy day you had? Well I'm sorry to say, its going to happen again.. and again.. and again. No matter how many alarm clocks you buy, no matter how prepared you are, the day will go the opposite way you want it to.. You know what you can do? Live each day like its your last and just go with it! That's right! Don't worry about your presentation on Friday, don't worry about the long trip to the inlaws after work. Just take on each task one day at a time and take baby steps. If you have a stack of paper work to do, don't dread the entirety of the work, just focus on what is in front of you at that very second.

How does this have to do with the gym?

Your body, mind and soul are one. When one is going haywire the others go with it. When you go to the gym you are there for a purpose. You want to lose weight, gain weight, improve endurance, increase strength etc. Your new purpose all of a sudden is to ease your terrible mood. Not only is this creating an even darker cloud above your head, but you are setting yourself up for a negative outlook when it comes to your goals. You succumbed to this overwhelming and exhausting temperament. You really think your pissed off bicep curls are going to make you think your having a fantastic workout, and you're getting closer and closer to your results? Absolutely not.. You are thinking " Let's just finish this so I can get home".. "Stupid gym is so crowded! I cant' even do the workout I want".. and lastly, "What's the point!?"

Say this to yourself-

" My new day is starting now, I can't cry over the past, I have complete control of how I react from here on out"

The gym is for you.. Your training session is for you.. Don't bring your baggage, there's not enough room.



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