• James Cappola

Positive Momentum

There comes a time in your fitness journey where your whole perception can change. It changes how you wake up in the morning, it changes how you function on a daily basis, and it changes how you feel about yourself. There will be some point where things are going right and you have to JUMP on that train. Here are some steps to really know that you are in fact becoming a healthier individual.

1. Less sluggishEverything from your posture to your overall swagger is different. There seems to be a new alertness that you didn't have before. It happens so suddenly that you usually don't notice until another party tells you that there is something different about you. Once you recognize the change, you are at a huge advantage.. If your mood/posture/energy starts to slip.. Problem solve and figure out what has changed in the last few days to throw you off.

2. Ambition is through the roofNothing is worse than that trapped feeling. Thinking there is no way out and the finish line is impossible to reach. You work and work and work and wait for that little bit of improvement. Suddenly, those inches start to fall off, your muscle mass starts to increase, your mile time is improving, your strength goals are improving, and you start to realize....Nothing is impossible. This is a giant breakthrough and can help your state of mind in your personal life, as well as your professional life.

3.Difficult movement patterns are now becoming second natureI tell my clients all the time.. Context is everything. This is why I cant just print out a list of workouts for you to replicate. While a "hinge" looks like i'm bending over i'm actually pulling my hips back.. While a push up looks like i'm just falling down to the ground, I'm actively PULLING myself down to the floor. In the beginning of your fitness journey, you may be discouraged by approaching these movements and feeling like a weakling or a novice. If you are consistent, the adaptation happens so quick that it's now just something you know and mastered! This pertains to all the different plains of movement and the progressions that come with them. Don't just learn it and forget it.. KEEP GOING! KEEP LEARNING!

4. You start to think practicallyYour training stats becoming more goal oriented. You start to realize that less really is more.. 2 hours at the gym doing mediocre work is less efficient than a task oriented 60 min workout... Socially you s tart to make easy decisions to pass on happy hour on a Tuesday or skip the bagel on Fridays.. It's no longer restraining yourself... This is becoming your lifestyle.

5. You can finally enjoy the simple pleasures in life guilt free

Guilt truly only comes with regret.. Regret comes down to you realizing that you skipped too many days at the gym or ate too much crap last night.. I give you my word that if you keep up that positive momentum.. You can afford to enjoy yourself when it is worth it.. Your mindset has changed and you are a determined individual who actually sees the finish line this time. This is a very happy point in your life and I congratulate you 10,000 percent!!



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