• James Cappola

Perspective is everything

I may get a few eye rolls here. That is 100 percent OK. I am a personal trainer who is involved in changing people's lives for the better. It is my mission to make sure that each person I come in front of has a better quality of life from our first session, to way after our last one. Based on my personal experience and years and years of dealing with a diverse public.. One of the number one reasons for lack of confidence, negative outlook and a pessimistic POV is our perception.

I know.. Duh James. What's your point?

Why does this feeling stick out like a sore thumb? Because so many things in your life are going great! Friends who love you, Family that love you, a job to go, a roof over your head, 3 square meals a day etc. There is so much to be thankful for that when something doesn't go our way, we want to delete the hell out of it or fix it as soon as possible. There has to be a paradigm shift here.. There has to be a different way of thinking when approaching your fitness goals.

What can I do?

1. Do it with a friend-Find someone with similar goals and interests so you can be each others rock. Create a schedule that is feasible and enjoyable and celebrate that small victory.

2. Set realistic expectations- Why on earth would you set yourself up for disappointment? Find something you are struggling with(weight gain/loss/improved strength) have a starting metric, and improve it within a matter of 4 weeks. That's it! Then increase the goal for the next four weeks!

3. Keep up what makes you happy- No sense in overloading your energy into the task at hand.. Whatever was making you happy before then, keep those values.. Prioritize that time.. You can manage it if it's all important to you.

4. Always work to the best of your ability- If the results are taking a bit too long.. If you look and the mirror and your not as satisfied as you want to be.. Take comfort in knowing your giving it all you can and that is all you can ask for.. Don't put that unfair pressure on yourself.

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