• James Cappola

How motivated are you?

Let's be honest for a second..

Can you truly define what being "motivated" means? Not the term itself.. But how it applies to your life? When you dig a bit deeper, it's not so simple. By the end of this blog I want you to have a better idea of how to answer that question.

Here we go!

As seen above, there are two main categories when it comes to motivation. There is, "intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation- The motivational stimuli is actually coming within. You want to complete a specific task because it fulfills a desire and it is in accordance to your belief system.

Extrinsic Motivation- When the motivational stimuli is coming from outside the individual. Our desires to perform the task are actually coming from an outside source. The end result may still be rewarding, but the journey is for different reasons,

It is important to distinguish between the two so you can improve your quality of life and your mental health. Accountability is everything and you will never stay accountable if your head space is all over the place.

Here is a case study about the two different types of motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation

Molly is a 21 yr old college student athlete. She plays softball, gets good grades and is pretty popular. One day she realized that her poor habits were catching up to her. Her drinking was becoming a bit too frequent and she was putting on way too much weight. She then woke up one day and decided enough is enough. She cut down to partying one night per week, started cutting fried foods and junk and started to feel better about herself.

Extrinsic Motivation

Molly is a 21 yr old college student athlete. She plays softball, gets good grades and is pretty popular. She has fun going out with her friends but she was worried about her boyfriend not being attracted to her anymore due to her weight gain. She also had fear of doing poorly in school and/or softball. She then made herself stay in every night and obsessively worked out and studied.

Now when you look at both outcomes,it looks line a win-win at first glance. She's partying less and focusing on her academics and softball team. Both may yield the same results, but the intrinsic motivation is so much easier to keep from a habitual standpoint. There is very little resentment and the reward is that much more fulfilling when you reach it.. When it comes to the extrinsic motivation, Molly is more likely to create this unfair standard for herself. The only motivators for her at this point will be fear and possible reward IF she gets there.

How does this apply to me?

Sit down with a fitness professional, loved one, friend, or even yourself. Have a thorough discussion about what your driving factor is. Are you pre diabetic? Do you feel unhealthy? Are you being bullied? Do you feel like this would advance your career? Once you find whats driving you, see what is holding you back. Is it fear of failure? Is it fear of the unknown?, is it boredom? Is it lack of support? Now that you have those two down.. Find out what you want to do FOR you. Make that your top priority and the other factors will come easier and easier. The minute you stop trying to prove yourself to other people is the minute you start to shift over to the intrinsic mindset. Once your there, the accountability will be effortless.

If you feel like you just can't find the motivation you need. Keep trying different methods! Never stop learning and never settle! If you really want to discuss how you can become more motivated, please feel free to email me and let's get you started the right way,



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