• James Cappola

Here are the top 10 rules when it comes to Gym Etiquette

1. If you can lift it/ You can put it away- If you are thinking out of sight out of mind then let me help you out here. Those 45lb plates you leave on the bar or those 80lb dumbbells you leave on the floor.. Your leaving it for the nice lady at the front desk to clean up at the end of her shift and even worse.. your making an unsafe environment for the members.

2. If your screaming, then its too heavy!- A grunt on your last few reps.. OK I can forgive that. But you BELTING out your loudest tune from rep 1-10? What the hell are you doing? If you are straining that much from a weight that can be done for reps.. Then you are over compensating. Find a weight within your rep range that you can reach failure with great form. The only noise then should be a solid inhale and exhale.

3. Clean up your bench/Mat- Every gym has some sort of sanitary wipe station. The last thing we want is a ring worm issue on our hands. Please keep the equipment clean.

4. No you cannot use 5 pieces of equipment at the same time- You want to super set between a few different work outs? Be my guest! You want to sigh and make a fuss when I do a set of pull ups with the only free pull up bar in the gym? Stop crying and wait a second.

5. Do Not Throw Your Weights!- Besides giving people a heart attack when a 245lb bar slams to the floor.. You are seriously putting people at risk. If you want a power lifting/cross-fit gym then join there. If you are in a regular gym with general population, you have to act accordingly. We all know that person.. Guy comes in, and grabs 2 90lb dumbbells.. Last few reps are just too much so he throws them to the floor.. Congrats! You just broke that poor member's foot. Either have a spotter or lower the weight. Everyone else has a right to be here just as much as you do.

6. Do not curl at the squat rack! This doesn't need an explanation.. Pretty standard rule here.

7. Be aware of your surroundings- Jump ropers,Olympic lifters, sprinters.. Three examples of people that need to watch where they are before they start training. If its a crowded open area, don't claim it by asserting your dominance with your big workout. If anything, ask the people around you before you take up half the space. Jump ropers find an open studio or a slow traffic corner, sprinters use a treadmill, and Olympic lifters find a designated area.

9. Always bring up a complaint with respect.. It's not the front desks fault that you are out of towels or you don't like the music playing- Believe me when I tell you that the front desk staff has a tough job. Please know that yelling or being aggressive is no way to have your complaints heard. Ask kindly if there is anything they can do and if they can't you ask to speak to a manager.. Like an adult.

10. Don't ever judge anyone at the gym- Seems to me that if you were to judge someone at the gym then you are actually feeling pretty crappy about yourself. The amount of courage it takes to sign up to the gym is already a win.. Don't make anyone feel threatened or embarrassed.



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