• James Cappola

Going 0-100 in the wrong direction

It's human nature to want to go beyond our limits. Since we are young we are told to give everything we do 110 percent. The thing is... Could it be that there are some things that we may go overboard with? I am going to provide a few examples of how easy it is for people to fall too deep into the wrong direction.

******This is not made to call anyone out.. This blog is mainly towards those who are wondering why they aren't seeing results. If you are happy with your current lifestyle and have 0 regrets then keep on going. You DO You!


Probably one of the leading causes of a sudden sedentary lifestyle. Anything from "bad knees" to a bulging disc may keep someone out of the gym and/or active lifestyle. They may hear from one old school doctor that they shouldn't exercise for 4 weeks or whatever time line. The injured individual then holds onto this new "prescription" like it's gold. They were given ONE specific instruction..Having said that, there are THOUSANDS of ways they can still keep on track. Low intensity workouts, walking 10,000 steps per day, still being mindful of what you put in your body, stay hydrated, don't party too much and have adequate sleep. You don't think of that because in your mind, this will severely slow down the process and you're doing extra work with no payoff. I swear on everything I hold dear, this is the exact opposite mindset that you want. Not only will you keep your progress going, but you will be a stronger individual after! You have shown that you can overcome hardships and keep getting better and better.

Holidays/Big events/Weekends-

As you know if you have been reading my blog, I am huge on the 80/20 rule. 80 percent healthy and consistent lifestyle, 20 percent live your life and enjoy everything you can. This has been taken wayyyy out of context when it comes to a few of my clients in the past. It doesn't matter if its Superbowl Sunday or Thanksgiving... A lot of people pre-determine that they are going to go CRAZY on these days. 9/10 people feel awful after the insane binge and they come back to me saying they overdid it. Why is it so hard to eat and drink what you want but to NOT add an extra 3,500 calories to the day? It's because we don't like to against the grain.. We also fall victim to a mob mentality. Everyone else is doing it so I don't want to be the outcast. We rationalize until we are blue in the face and then we regret it. Now, if you truly are the person who does go overboard and you really are happy with it, then god bless you, NO judgments here.. This is geared towards those who have an end goal and who cant afford to FULLY let themselves go for the one day. If you are a healthy individual working like hell to reach your goals, then enjoy yourself guilt free as if it were a normal day! That's it! Don't let the title of the day bully you into over consumption. Don't floor it in the compete opposite direction.


I used to train a surgeon 3XS per week who was always on call. She purchased hour sessions but she usually could only stay for 40 min. She ALWAYS had water with her, pre packed her meals and spent time with her family. Was she extremely busy? Hell yes. Did she use that as an excuse? Absolutely not. The majority of us ALL hustle.. We all gotta make a living, we all have to provide. Problem is, when you are a "work horse" you tend to use that as a cushy excuse to not have time for the gym or to be active. "I make 250,000 a year, I do that by waking up busting my ass and coming home, sleeping and doing it again". We all know that man/woman. Take that same person and look at their week.. Fancy dinners, happy hours, football/baseball games, vacations etc. It's not that you don't have time to workout. It's not a priority in your current lifestyle! You don't see the payout and your too afraid to work that hard and to wait for the results. Do you know how easily people say to me, oh I'm not a morning person, i can't workout in the morning. Nobody said it was going to be easy... The gym isn't going to move into your building.. You have to push through that comfort zone in order to change. Don't lie to yourself saying the reason you are out of shape is because of your work ethic. Your work ethic should be the reason you ARE in shape!

Think of your efforts as a moving bus headed towards your end goal

Think of it this way.. You make a goal to lose 50lbs.. You get injured.. Bus doesn't stop here.. It's just taking a little detour! Yes it's a few hours out of the way but you will still get there... Thanksgiving is around the corner, bus is till moving but just a little bit slower.... Going to lose a bit of time but you are still on your way.. You have to work late and can't make it to the gym.. That's OK.. The bus is going start moving again early tomorrow morning! You see the big picture?

Thank you and have a great day!



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