• James Cappola

Fitness is relative!

Hey Everyone.. Let's take a look at two people and their fitness journey.

Alex is a personal trainer and power lifter. He is extremely dedicated to his craft and he works out 5 times per week. Alex is single and he is 26 years old. He is 200lbs and 11 percent body fat and he can squat 450lbs and dead lift 565lbs.

Rick is his new client and he wants to be strong and lean. Rick is the VP in his company and he is a husband and father of 3. He is currently 265 lbs and 20 percent body fat. He works out 3 times per week and he can squat 185lbs and he can deadlift 225lbs. He is logging his food and trying his best to stick to his diet.

Whenever Alex posts a new video of a PR deadlift, or showing of his abs.. Rick comments that this must be so easy for you. Oh you probably can deadlift my 225lbs 20 times!

This thought pops into Ricks head when he sees his trainer, other people in the gym, celebrities etc.. This puts blinders over his eyes and he doesn't take into account the awesome work that is taking place!

It doesn't matter the lbs of weight being moved.. If you are working to your max capacity and you're staying consistent, IT IS ALL RELATIVE. Alex works out 5 times per week because his schedule allows it, and he works in a gym! Rick has to commute, workout and get back home to be with his family. The three days is what works from a habitual standpoint and that is 100 percent fine.

Here is a secret. If your workout was nice and comfy, if you are not breathing heavy, if you are not sweating, if you didn't push your muscles to their capacity.. YOU HAD A CRAP WORKOUT. So don't be discouraged if your mile time wasn't as good as you wanted.. Don't be discouraged if you can't do x amount of push ups.. Don't be upset if your fridge doesn't look like an elite body builders fridge.. Here are the 8 things that matter across the entire board

1. Heart- Don't listen to excuses or that little voice telling you to stop

2. Consistency- Great! you did 1 week! Now give me 1 month!

3.Effort- It's never going to be easy.. That's why it called "Working Out"

4. Help- I've been in the fitness industry for over 14 years and I don't know everything..Neither do you.. ASK!

5. Confidence- If you don't believe you can transform... then you never will

6. Sleep and recovery- More is not better. Everyone needs rest and listen to your body

7. Form first- Before you add weight.. you better make sure that form is on point!

8.fear of the unknown- You can have elite marathon runners, body building champs etc.. Everyone has some level of insecurity and there is a slight fear in wondering if you are going to make it to the next level.. It doesn't make you a newbie.. It means you care.

Remember these.. and in my eyes.. you are already fit.



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