The Story Behind

Zero Shortcuts Fitness

In the words of James Cappola, himself

In 2003, I made the choice to change my life.


At 14 years old i was 250 lbs and I barely had any muscle.  The reality and pressures of high school were really starting to kick in.

Once I embarked on my fitness journey, I never looked back.


In 2 years I lost 45lbs and brought my body fat down to 11%.  I was obsessed with learning the ins and outs of the fitness industry.


Long story short, I stand here today with a BS in exercise science, many certifications, over 750+ clients over my fitness career, and I'm hungry for more. I find that the attention to detail and a high level of empathy really makes me put the "personal" in personal trainer.


I found my path, now let me help you find yours!

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